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Birthday Parties

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The Museum of Discovery is a great place to host a child’s birthday party. We have a full range of themes and services to make your party the ultimate in museum fun.

NEW! Super Power Party —Give your superhero a super party at Museum of Discovery!  We’ll explore super powers such as electricity, heat resistance and lasers as well as meet some animals that have inspired super heroes.  We might even need the birthday boy or girl save the day with the help of science! This party is recommended for ages 4-12.

LEGO Engineering Party — Create. Play. Build.  Does your child love LEGOs?  If so, this party is for them!  Your guests will have the opportunity to take part in exciting build challenges. From creating and testing LEGO racers to building your very own city, zoo or theme park, our staff will lead your guests through a variety of activities designed to unleash their inner engineer! This party is recommended for ages 4-12.

Frozen Science Party — Let it go and let it snow at this party!  We’ve got the ticket to create a magical and science-filled day for your little princess or prince.  Enjoy a frozen science demo with dry ice, make snow with the help of some cool chemistry and eat ice cream that is made in front of you using liquid nitrogen. (There is an additional $30 fee to include liquid nitrogen ice cream.)  This party is recommended for ages 3-7.

Mad Scientist Party — Do you have your own little Mad Scientist at home? Encourage their genius with a Mad Scientist Party! Your party will be hosted by one of our own Mad Scientists who will lead your guests through a variety of exciting experiments and activities. You and your guests will have a maddening good time!  This party is recommended for ages 6-12.

Safari Party — If you have an animal fan in the family, this is the party for them. Your party will be hosted by one of our own Animal Rescuers! From creepy and crawly to cuddly and cute your guests will meet the animal residents of the Museum of Discovery up close and personal. There will be lots of time for pictures and games as they meet a variety of members of the animal kingdom!  This party is recommended for ages 4-12.

Do It Yourself Party — Are you excited just to be at the Museum of Discovery on your birthday? Have a do it yourself party! You get the use of one of our birthday party rooms and one of our professional birthday hosts to help you with set up and clean up and to lead a variety of fun activities at your spectacular party.  Relax and enjoy your party and have a great time in the Museum of Discovery! Choose a theme or just throw a party. Our party hosts are excited and ready to help you give your child a birthday experience they’ll love!  This party is recommended for all ages.

Schedule your next birthday party at the Museum of Discovery! Call Beth Nelsen at 501.537.3073 or email

Party Information:

There is a base rate of $300.  This covers up to 38 guests. There will be a $10 charge for each guest over 38. Members receive a $25 discount for parties. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required (which is taken off the $300 base rate).

Parties are 2 hours long.  There is also a 15-20 minute set up time before the party.  Parties must be booked at least five business days in advance.  

For birthday parties, the Museum of Discovery provides:

  • Party supplies: lemonade, cups, plates, forks, tablecloth and napkins
  • A personal host/hostess to make presentations (and clean up!)
  • Electronic party invitations

Party Rules:

  • Cake and additional food items are welcome, but they must remain in the party room.
  • Additional decorations must be limited to “table top only.” We do not permit any use of tape or pins on walls or items hung from ceilings.
  • Parties are available in the morning and afternoon on Saturdays and afternoons only on Sunday.
  • Party rooms are available no more than 15-20 minutes prior to party start for set up.

We are very thankful for our corporate sponsors.